04 May

How do private credits work?



One of the main problems that we encounter when we apply for financing to a traditional credit institution are the long terms and the complication regarding paperwork. In the case of our credits, all these types of aspects are highly polished to ensure that the client obtains their loan quickly, easily and efficiently. It is only necessary to carry out the following steps:

Be clear about you we need

Be clear about what we need

In order to apply for a loan, of whatever type, you must know your financial needs and your financial situation. Before asking for money, you should ask yourself the following questions: Is it essential that you apply for a loan? Can I face my financial situation in a few months without having to go to a lender? What do I need the loan for? Will I be able to return it later? What term would be the most convenient for me?

All these questions will help you understand your situation and weigh your financial need.

Check if the loan has been approved and start collecting the documents

Check if the loan has been approved and start collecting the documents

Now that we know what you need, it is time to assess your credit request and check if it is acceptable. In less than 10 minutes you will receive a notification from our team so you know if the loan continues. If so, you will have to gather the following documentation. Don’t worry, everything can be obtained from the comfort of your home and sent by email over the Internet:

  • Copy of the current account and DNI.
  • Simple Note from the Land Registry. To obtain this document you will not have to leave home. You can do it through the internet and in less than 24 hours you will have it correctly endorsed in your email tray.
  • Copy of the deeds.
  • Last receipt of the IBI.
  • Copy of the home insurance well completed and in order.

This will be enough to formalize your file and be able to prepare the documents for the signing of the contract.

Sign before a notary

Sign before a notary

Once we have all the necessary information, and we have reached an agreement regarding the capital to be provided, the repayment terms, the amount of the installments and interest, it will be time to leave everything in writing along with the other conditions.

All loans must be reflected in a contract that, in turn, must be signed before a notary. The notary is the professional who is responsible for reading the contract in the presence of both parties and explaining any data that has not been made clear.

If you want, and to make you feel even more comfortable, you can select the preferred notary or notary yourself. We will happily adapt to your needs.

04 May

Online loans: comfort and guarantee


The online loans available have a common denominator that constitutes one of the characteristics best valued by users: comfort. We try to make it a basic feature of our service, our online loans without paperwork are obliged to facilitate as much as possible the procedures that those who need them must fulfill.

We believe that applying for a loan online cannot be a task that requires prior knowledge, or more time than is strictly necessary. The result? Small amounts of money in the form of credits fully adapted to your wishes and needs, just by following a series of simple steps. Thus, online loans you can benefit from such outstanding conditions as:

  • Lines of credit of up to 5,000 dollars to buy what you want.
  • Transfer of the desired amount in just 15 minutes.
  • No management, opening or cancellation fees.

What conditions are needed to apply for an online loan?

What conditions are needed to apply for an online loan?

The Internet offers many possibilities for the management of immediate online loans, but what is really important are the conditions on which the service is based. We strive to ensure that each user gets exactly the amount they need, which is why we fully open the range of options available for applying for the loan.


Initially, you can request any online loan of between 250 and 5,000 dollars, instantly knowing the monthly fee to be paid. This estimated amount already includes the charge that corresponds to the interests, located well below the market average, so that when you have an unexpected expense you know in advance the information that really interests you.



The next step is the online loan repayment period , which you can also fully adjust to your preferences. You have up to a maximum of 36 months (with a minimum of 61 days). To make the best decision without complications, you will be able to see the monthly installment of the personal loan and what you would have to pay each month if you repaid it in 36 months.


Many wonder: “What if I want to pay back the loan?” And the answer we give you is the best of everything: you can also close the credit by paying the remaining amount without being charged additional interest. This means that if you are not clear about the time you will need to repay the loan online , you can go back with fully flexible installments without fear of being tied to it.

As you can see, we make requesting a loan online simple and inspire confidence. And without management, opening or cancellation fees.

Professional guarantee with the facilities that the Internet allows

Professional guarantee with the facilities that the Internet allows

By applying for an online loan you are benefiting from all the advantages of receiving money through a website, but without giving up the guarantees that only the best professionals can offer you. Our team of specialists will not only be at your side during the quick hiring process, but also, but anytime you need our customer service.

The simplification of the procedures necessary to contract fast and secure online loans means that you hardly have to spend time waiting for checks, that is, you only have to worry about deciding what to invest the money in.

Once your credit has been approved, the requested amount will be at your entire disposal in just 15 minutes. It’s that simple, a transfer will come to your bank account so that you can have the money at your whim. But that’s not all. If you finally do not use all the money you asked for at first, you can leave the rest of the credit unused and use it only if you need it. It is not only about offering loans online immediately, but also a complete help to achieve your wishes, adaptable in your conditions for your total comfort.

18 Feb

Amortization plan for a loan: what is it?

The amortization plan of a loan is a document that indicates in detail the times and methods of repaying a loan. It is therefore a tool through which it is possible to understand the maximum amount of an installment to be paid, the date by which all the loan must be paid, the periodicity of each installment (monthly, quarterly, half-yearly) and the interest on the installment.


Amortization plan for a loan: how is it structured?

 Amortization plan for a loan: how is it structured?

The loan amortization plan defines the repayment timescales and helps to understand which installment can be supported. That said, we can say that a plan that lasts fewer years has a more expensive installment than a longer plan, but what you need to know above all is that the installments of an amortization plan are composed of two main elements:

– the principal portion corresponds to the amount financed: as the installments are paid, the residual principal (the debt) decreases

– the interest portion which indicates the interest applied: the portion may vary for each installment because the interest rate is applied to the residual principal of the loan which decreases over time as the loan is repaid


Amortization plan for a loan: the various types and a focus on the French plan

money cash

Choosing the type of loan amortization plan is important because based on this choice the share of capital and the share of interest vary. Some of the types of an amortization plan are:

– French amortization plan

– Italian amortization plan

The French amortization plan is the most common type in Italy and is characterized by an increasing share of capital and a decreasing share of interest. What does it mean? Simply that at first the installment will mainly consist of the interest portion and will slowly decrease to balance with the capital portion. At the end of the amortization plan, all the loaned capital will be returned, but be careful: the amount to be repaid will always be the same every month, only the composition of the installment will change. With this type of amortization, the Erogante Institutions will be able to obtain the interest before returning the funded capital.


Loan amortization plan: the Italian plan

In addition to the French amortization plan, we have mentioned another type of loan repayment above: the Italian amortization plan. This method of debt repayment requires that the portions of capital are constant, while the portions of interest are decreasing. Therefore, the substantial difference between the Italian and French amortization plans is that in the first the installments to be paid are not constant over time: you will pay a higher initial installment and then pay less and less interest towards the end of the repayment and consequently the installment decreases over time. Precisely for this reason, the Italian amortization plan is more disadvantageous for credit institutions which are in fact much more oriented towards applying the type of French amortization to loans.


Amortization plan for a loan: discover our online calculator with just one click

 Amortization plan for a loan: discover our online calculator with just one click

Do you want to calculate the installment and interest? On our website we have created a special calculator to identify the installment, interest and amortization schedule of a loan. Use our free online service to get a clearer idea of ​​your amortization plan

18 Jan

Avoid Tax Matters: If you have repaid your home loan

In order to avoid an extra bill from AC Data next year, it is a good idea that you check your tax return for 2017, which is now ready at AC Data .dk. We have created the following guide to help you through the most important tips to avoid tax breaks.

Making a good advance statement and managing the finances can be a good alternative to a quick loan. If you hit a spot, or you get money back in AC Data, it feels like you got a loan for free.

What is an advance statement?

What is an advance statement?

You should view your tax return as a budget for your expected income and deductions for 2017. These figures use AC Data to calculate your deduction percentage, which is the portion of your income you must pay in taxes each month.

The 2017 tax return that AC Data sent you in November is made based on figures from your annual statement back in 2015 unless you have corrected the information yourself during 2016. Your tax situation may have changed since, so you should thoroughly review the figures in your advance statement.

The more accurate your pre-tax statement is, the more your AC Data expenses will be stretched out throughout the year. This way you avoid a big bill at the end of the year. If there is a big difference between your tax return and the annual statement at the end of the year, you will either be paid the difference or you will be asked to pay the difference as residual tax if you paid less in tax than you should.

The sooner the better

When you correct your tax return, you make corrections to your tax card, which your employer automatically notifies. So you do not have to inform your employer yourself if your tax situation has changed.

In order to distribute your tax expenditures throughout the year, you are advised to adjust your tax return before your employer settles the first salary of the year. If you have made your corrections by mid-January, your changes should apply from the first paycheck in 2017.

If changes occur during 2017, you can always go in and change your advance statement. For example, if you get promoted in June, you can change your expected income for the rest of 2017 in June. Then your deduction percentage will be corrected from there and you avoid a tax break because your deduction percentage was lower than it should be.

Have there been major changes in your life?

Have there been major changes in your life?

If there have been changes in your life over the past year that affect your tax situation, you should correct the information in your tax return. These changes may mean that you are entitled to fewer or more deductions and that your deduction percentage must be adjusted to reflect your current financial situation.

Examples of events that change your tax situation may be that you have changed jobs or become unemployed. It may also be that you have retired, have become self-employed, have gone from renting to owning real estate or have been divorced and have sold the common property.

If you want to be on the safe side and avoid having to pay residual tax, you can do two things. You can either lower your a-income slightly higher than expected and thus increase your deduction percentage, or you can lower your interest deduction.

New working conditions require corrections

In your advance statement, there are typically two fields that you need to be aware of if you either got a new job or became unemployed. First and foremost, you should change your car allowance if you have been getting shorter or longer to work. If your car tax deduction lapses and you do not specify this, you risk a tax break next year.

Next, you should indicate any changes in income, whether you get more or less paid. For example, if you get more in salary, but forget to correct the advance statement, you can risk a large extra bill. Especially if your income is below or above the golden limit of USD 467,200 before the AM contribution, which is the top tax threshold.

If you become unemployed, it is important to disclose this, because in that case, you will no longer be eligible for employment deductions. More time-limited changes, such as maternity leave, can also have an impact on your income in the coming year and should be disclosed.

Personal choices can change your tax situation

Personal choices can change your tax situation

If you have been divorced or separated, the joint taxation with your spouse will cease and you will be considered single for the entire calendar year in which you are divorced. Thus, you can no longer distribute deductions between you and your spouse, which is why you should review your deductions if your marital status has changed.

If you pay more or less into your retirement savings than last year, you should also be aware of this. Most Danish employees have a pension saving through their employer, where payments are made entirely automatically, in which case you do not have to fix anything. If, on the other hand, you have started your own pension savings, double-check the amount in your advance statement.

When you retire or retire, your advance statement must also be changed. From January 1, 2016, Payout Denmark began to pay the pension based on the information in your advance statement, which is why it is important that this is correct.

If there is new on the housing front

If there is new on the housing front

If you have either bought or sold a home, your interest expenses must be adjusted. For example, when buying a home, interest is deductible. In order to receive these deductions on an ongoing basis, in line with your bills, remember to report your interest expenses.

You will also be asked to provide a moving date as you will have to pay the property value tax for the period you have been living in the home. Conversely, you can risk a tax break if you forget to disclose the sale of the home, which means you are no longer eligible for the deduction.

If you have repaid your home loan or have a flexible loan where you have received a lower interest rate, you must also change your advance statement. This means that your deduction will be smaller than the interest deduction that AC Data automatically deducts from the previous year. Your financial benefits of a lower housing interest rate can thus become an extra expense from AC Data if you do not get it fixed, and then the joy of refinancing quickly turns to annoyance.


17 Jan

Mortgage Loans – Interest Free Loans

According to the Quran, Muslims do not have to pay interest and it can, therefore, be difficult to take out a loan. Therefore, the Mortgage loan has arisen. This is done in the way that the loan provider of Mortgage loans buys the property that is desired to be acquired. After that, it can be sold to the buyer, but without interest on the loan. On the other hand, the buyer gets the right to own the property and it is owned when the last payment is paid 30 years later.

Less risk

loan money

The Mortgage loan has become especially popular because it is extremely competitive compared to other credit union loans on the market, and it is therefore not just Muslims who have caught the eye for this type of loan.

The interesting thing about the Mortgage loan is that it is not affected by market price changes – it is independent of this. Normally, a fall in interest rates will be accompanied by price increases, which on normal credit union loans will mean a price cut on the loan – a risk that is not borne by the Mortgage loan. Here you pay back a fixed amount every month and that does not change.

Interest-free, but at the same price

loan money

Although the Mortgage loan is an interest-free loan, you will instead have to repay a higher amount, which is equivalent to the interest you would otherwise have paid on a traditional home loan. In the end, therefore, it does not make the loan cheaper than what other bank customers have to pay, as the bank makes a profit when purchasing the property, thus offsetting the normal interest payments. In the latter, therefore, it does not make a big difference whether a normal home loan or a Mortgage loan is chosen. So where it makes a difference is if you are a Muslim believer and want to follow the Qur’an.

One of the major drawbacks of the Mortgage loan is that the lender takes a big risk, which they pay well for. Thus, a Mortgage loan can quickly become more expensive than a regular home loan. Furthermore, this type of loan is more difficult to see, and it has therefore been seen that loans have been canceled because the terms of the loan were unclear. The number of providers in the market is also very few, and it is, therefore, the loan issuer that sets the conditions, and it is therefore difficult to do anything other than paying the prices that are set since there are no alternative loan providers to go to. Therefore, Mortgage loans are not considered the most optimal, which is why you can easily look for other alternatives if you are not a Muslim.

Other Shari Loan Alternatives

Other Shari Loan Alternatives

If a Mortgage loan is not possible, you can Take a look at a mini loan with no security, loans without interest and fees and maybe even loan money for free. These are all types of loans that often have no interest.

You can easily find out what options you have in the market. Here at Puss in Boots, we have created a consumer loan calculator that makes it easy for you to compare the various loan options you have. Our purpose in this is to give you the opportunity to find the loans that best suit you and your needs. Enter the loan amount and age and find out here.

In this way, we help ensure that you get a better overview of a market that can be difficult to understand at times. This way we try to avoid getting a loan that is too expensive for you. If you want to make a comparison, simply enter the amount you want to borrow and the amount of maturity. Then you can see what options you have and what the individual loan providers can offer.


16 Jan

Immediate online loans for protesters

Have you suffered a protest and are looking for funding? It won’t be that easy to get it, but consider that there are loans that are also suitable for your credit situation. And if you are also looking for quick financing, you can try to get instant online loans for protests. Let’s see together how you can apply for a loan to protests with a non-exceptional credit situation. But first, let’s see why we become protested.


Immediate Online Loans For Protested: Why Do You Become Protested?

Online Loans For Protested: Why Do You Become Protested?

You become protested when you are protested. Protest is the act by which a notary or public official declares the non-acceptance or non-payment of a credit certificate (bill of exchange, money order, bank, circular or postal check). In this case, the protested party will be automatically entered in the computerized register of protests to the Chamber of Commerce and will have difficulty in obtaining a new liquidity. So what can he do to get new funding? The only product that plans to grant liquidation to individuals who have had one or more protests is the transfer of one fifth of the salary and pension. Let’s see what it is all about.


Immediate online loans for protest: the assignment of the fifth

online loans

The assignment of the fifth is a type of non-finalized loan which is granted to all employees with permanent contracts and to all pensioners. There are two main advantages that are obtained with this type of financing: a specific reason for obtaining the loan is not necessary and it can also be requested by those who are in a situation of having suffered one or more protests. With the assignment of the fifth, the loan is repaid through monthly installments with a fixed fee that cannot exceed 1/5 of the amount of the net salary or pension. In addition, the loan can also be repaid with 120 monthly installments and important loans can be obtained, for example, reaching an amount of 75,000 dollars. It is however important to check your ability to repay the amount paid and be careful not to over-indebt yourself.


Immediate online loans for protests: guarantees to obtain financing with the assignment of the fifth

money loan

The assignment of the fifth is a type of loan that does not provide for real guarantees, such as real estate, the only guarantees required are the paycheck or the pension. There is also an insurance policy that covers life risk and job loss.

18 Dec

What is the difference between mortgage and loan?

The loan and the mortgage are both loans with which, against a more or less strong guarantee, it is possible to obtain liquidity from a financial institution to be repaid in installments.
So in both cases the applicant gets a sum of money which he must then return.
The amount, the duration of the loan and the installments are obviously agreed in the initial phase upon entering into the contract. But what is the difference between mortgage and loan? Let’s see together the peculiarities and the differences of these two types of credit financing.

What is the difference between mortgage and loan: reason for the request and amount

money cash

The first difference between mortgage and loan lies precisely in the reason for the request for financing:

– The mortgage is requested for a specific purpose, such as the purchase of a house or the renovation of the same
– The loan can be requested without a specific expense motivation and to obtain small amounts

So, mortgages are required to obtain high sums, such as the amount for the purchase of a property, instead loans can be requested to cope with small expenses, such as the purchase of a car or a trip. or a service such as renovation or home furnishings. Hence, loans can be unfinished, such as the assignment of a fifth of the salary or pension. But in addition to the purpose for which a loan is requested and the amount obtained, what are the other differences between a mortgage and a loan? Let’s see them together.

What is the difference between mortgage and loan: duration, guarantees, interest rate

What is the difference between mortgage and loan: duration, guarantees, interest rate

In addition to the reason for the request and the amount obtained, another important difference lies in the duration of the loan. In fact, for a mortgage the repayment times can also be 30 or 40 years (the periods are established independently by the single bank), while for a loan, the duration of an amortization plan can be a maximum of 10 years.
In addition, a further difference lies in the guarantees of access to financing: to request a mortgage it is necessary to present real guarantees, such as a mortgage, instead to obtain a loan it is sufficient to have a demonstrable income, which can be the salary or the pension. In fact, it is important for a mortgage: Having a good credit situation and therefore not being a bad payer.

Present the mortgage on the house as collateral

Present the mortgage on the house as collateral

This last guarantee is due to the fact that with the mortgage very high amounts can be obtained and therefore the creditor has the need to have solid guarantees in order to grant the loan. In fact, in some cases, in addition to the mortgage on the house, a guarantee is also required.
The interest rate is also a factor that distinguishes a mortgage from a loan. The mortgage has an interest rate that can be fixed or variable, while the loan has a fixed rate for its entire duration.
Finally, also the speed of disbursement represents a discriminating element between mortgage and loan, the latter in fact allows to obtain the capital in a few days and being a public deed, it does not require the intermediation of a notary (with consequent less expenses)

Let’s summarize the basic elements that differentiate the loan from the mortgage

money loan


– It generally has a short duration, maximum 10 years
– The sums requested are usually small and, apart from special cases, do not require a guarantee
– They do not benefit from tax relief because they aim to satisfy non-primary needs
– They do not need to declare the purpose for which cash is requested
– It has fast delivery times and does not require a notary intervention


– It has a medium – long duration, even 40 years
– Normally it provides for the loan of an important sum, so much so that the bank always requires collateral, such as a mortgage on the house
– Benefits from tax breaks
– It is always aimed at the purchase of a specific asset
– It has long delivery times and requires notary intervention

06 Dec

How much does a free loan actually cost?

One of the basic rules of the financial world is: nothing is free. However, interest-free products exist in the ordinary people’s loan market. Loans without fees, even without hidden ones. Loans that already have a magical “free” in their name. Let’s take a closer look at what lies behind this alluring word.


Is it really free?

free loan

For the sake of objectivity, we must emphasize that it does. Usually the first loans at non-banknotes are free. Of course, it has its limitations, but there are real loans with interest and fees: zero. Or more precisely: from zero. These are short-term, fast, low loans, usually with a maximum maturity of one month.

First of all, it’s a smart marketing move. A relatively successful attempt to compete with bank credit cards. Well, and from the point of view of acquiring customers, it is also extremely interesting. Although there are no accurate statistics, the flush is likely to be quite large.

But what can non-banknotes acquire? Satisfied customers who come back after a while and want to borrow more. Of course not for free. And a considerable profit is the penalty for delaying the repayment term or refund. They really are no longer free and are quite high.

Our tip

Beware of the debt spiral and trapped in the debt trap. All responsible lending principles also apply to free short-term loans. If you do not have a refund, prefer not to borrow. Because you will quickly find out that even a free loan doesn’t have to be free at all


Who are the loans for free?

loans for free?

Priority is given to those who are in short-term financial distress. And they need “quick money”, of course, cheap. For those who want to borrow for the first time at a non-banknote. And even for those who do not need millions, but only a few thousand, who can pay back in a month. But even for those who have a problem getting another type of loan. Because some free loans are provided without complicated proof of income. Let’s think: if the usual usury interest on the black market is 20% or more, a quick free loan pays off.

Benefits of short-term free loans

  • you will only return what you have borrowed
  • no interest, fees, or hidden fees
  • fast processing of online applications
  • money almost immediately after approval
  • without liability
  • with some providers, even without proof of income.

Disadvantages of short-term loans without fees

  • low loan in the range of 5-15 thousand USD
  • short maturity
  • one provider is “free” only once
  • the need to have an account with the bank
  • relatively narrow offer
  • threat of penalties and penalties in case of delay.


So really free?

money loan

Yes, but… everything for free always has some but. Beware of the risks. And do not count on trying all providers for the first time. Loans without interest and fees are also subject to legal conditions. Including screening of the applicant in the debtors’ registers. And all financial market operators do business with the permission of the state. Most of them are supervised or recorded by the Carepenny Bank. Including non-banknotes.

30 Nov

Cash Loan Prague: Up to USD 150,000 in cash per hand

With this loan you can get an amount from USD 5,000 to USD 150,000, even in cash. You repay the money from 12 months to 42 months (ie maturity of 1 to 3.5 years).

Getting a solid loan without fraud and high interest can sometimes be very difficult. Especially if it should be a loan of cash. Someone will not lend you cash. It is always on the bank account, and even non-banking companies usually prefer cashless payouts. But here we have an offer for one decent cash loan, which you can arrange in Prague.


Cash loan up to 150 thousand dollars

money loans

With this loan you can get an amount from USD 5,000 to USD 150,000, even in cash . Of course, it is also possible to make a cashless transfer to the bank account, as elsewhere. You then repay the money from 12 months to 42 months (ie maturity of 1 to 3.5 years) in the form of regular monthly installments.

You do not need a guarantor or any collateral. The prerequisite for the approval of your application is the submission of a minimum income of at least USD 10000 per month (ie you must be an employee, self-employed person, pensioner, etc.).

Alternatively, it is possible to obtain a loan without proof of income (for example, for women on maternity or parental leave), but this is a considerably lower amount. Without proof of income, it is usually possible to obtain only a loan up to USD 5000.


Loan in cash or on account immediately

Loan in cash or on account immediately

On this page you will find an online loan application form. The application is non-binding . After completing all required information, you will immediately find out whether the conditions for credit approval are met. You will also learn how much money and for how long you could get here. Also, how much you will pay monthly, how high is the interest or APR.

Then you can decide for yourself whether the proposed conditions suit you and continue to negotiate the loan over the Internet. Everything can be handled only via computer and you will have money in your bank account within 24 hours . Or you can choose a cash loan and arrange a personal meeting at a branch in Prague, and then get cash in hand in 20 minutes .


Cash loan Prague up to 150 000 USD

Cash loan Prague up to 150 000 USD

  • Non-bank loan from 5000 USD to 150 000 USD
  • Maturity from 12 to 42 months
  • Without a guarantor and without pledge
  • No advance payment , regular monthly payments
  • Minimum income of 10000 USD (employee, sole trader, self-employed, pensioner)
  • Age 21 – 75 years
  • Permanent residence must not be at the municipal / municipal authority
  • Without execution and without insolvency
  • Cash in 20 minutes at the branch
  • Money to the bank account within 24 hours

More information about this loan can be found HERE .

Disclaimer: The operator of this site does not provide any financial services, loans or credits. Offers for these products displayed on this site come from various public sources on the Internet and are only aggregated on this page for comparison and easy search. The site operator is not responsible for the accuracy and timeliness of the information published here.